You can reach more than you think with a drop of ink.

With a modest children's newspaper, Outback Patrol keeps in the outback link with Explorers Magazine, even when we can't get there every month.  They read Explorers every day ..

It's a four page newspaper with games, puzzles, stories, verses to memorise, quizzes, cartoons and color ins. It includes a Table Grace to pray and the words of The Lord's Prayer.  Page one dramatic story tells the story of one of the young people, finding help and grace in Jesus Christ.  It has become part of the teaching role in a hundred remote schools, and in some places, the only Christian Gospel they ever hear.  

The Explorers Magazine is sent especially to families and homesteads and schools who live in remote places, in towns too small for a church, but too big to overlook. Thus, it is usually not available for churches or groups in the cities, who are well served by Christian literature and music.

Where does it come from?  Explorers began in 1969 in Nixons garage, then was edited by Jeff Roffey from his home. Next volunteer editors were Donna Kuick, Keith and Joan Thompson, then Kevin and Helen Blanch. Ruth Lamb created handmade layouts in pre- computer days too, and Michelle Riabkoff converted it to Pagemaker, then Kerry Turk, now Naida Kubert. Carl Carmody and Bob Walker at Challenge offered their skills with Eva, Roger, Diana and their teams carry on with new ideas. It is a volunteer cooperative effort and volunteers mail it and help pay the postage.  It makes no appeals for funds nor asks for money.  It lives a very long time in motels, clinics, schools and is often carried in Flying Doctor planes.  Many people have begun their Christian walk by reading the Explorers Magazine in some remote homestead in far away outback. Then they emigrate to the city and are nurtured in an evangelical church.
The Christmas Love Boxes is a service of Outback Patrol to families who live in remote towns in Australia too small for a church but too big to overlook.