No Town Too Small
Reaching the outback in a variety of small planes
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Various planes are used by Outback Patrol's volunteer pilots to carry the teams to a dozen remote towns, and deliver the Christmas Love Boxes to the families. Often, the nature of some of the outback townships may not include a normal Christmas for the children, -  until the plane lands with their gift boxes.  Then,  watch the joy and excitement on their faces.

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The volunteer teams use these planes to take Christmas Love Boxes to hundreds of children in remote places in central Australia. Between struggling through droughts and fighting floods, - it's a war against isolation.  City Christians dedicate a week of their time every month to encourage them with Christian evangelism.  The Christmas Boxes is one of many visits each year. 

The Christmas Love Boxes is a service of Outback Patrol to families who live in remote towns in Australia too small for a church but too big to overlook.